4 Hall Cousins

Jonathan4 Hall, Jr. (1716-1789)

Edward1 Hall of Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Samuel2 Hall married Abigail Pratt

Jonathan3 Hall married 1st Sarah Ockington, 2nd Sarah Smith

Jonathan4 Hall, Jr.

Jonathan4 Hall, Jr., the second of that name, was born May 3, 1716 to Jonathan Hall and his first wife, Sarah Ockington (First Book of Raynham Records), in that part of Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts that became Raynham in 1731.

Jonathan lived his entire life in Raynham, more particularly in that area known as Raynham Center. He was a prominent member and deacon of the Raynham Congregational Church, and he served in numerous town positions. As the eldest son of Jonathan and Sarah, he inherited extensive acreage as stipulated in his father’s will. He appeared on the Raynham Tax Records for 1746, assessed for both real and personal property (Old Colony Historical Society, Taunton, MA).

Many of the town records are missing, but of those surviving Jonathan’s name appeared in all of the accounts, with his town positions having ranged from selectman to constable, treasurer and moderator.

  • March 22, 1762, chosen surveyor of highways
  • March 17, 1763, chosen surveyor of wheat and flour
  • March 19, 1764, named constable
  • November 27, 1771, chosen moderator
  • November 30, 1772, Deacon Jonathan Hall contributed to support of the town hall
  • October 4, 1773, name drawn to serve as a juror for Superior Court
  • May 2, 1775, signed a town document
  • March 4, 1775, elected selectman
  • June 24, 1779, chosen moderator
  • January 6, 1785, signed a town document
  • March 7, 1785, chosen treasurer
  • October 12, 1786, chosen moderator
  • October 15, 1787, chosen moderator

Jonathan and Lydia Leonard, daughter of Seth and Dorcas (White) Leonard, were married by the Rev. Mr. Wales on December 28, 1738 (Raynham Congregational Church Records). Jonathan was 22 years of age and Lydia would have been about 17 years old when they married. Jonathan and Lydia had 11 known children (First Book of Raynham Records) with their youngest child, Abigail, born June 6, 1762, being just a few days over one year old when Lydia died at the age of 42 years on June 26, 1763. Jonathan and Lydia had been married for 25 years at the time of her death.  Lydia is buried in the Hall Plot in the Town Cemetery at Raynham Center, now known as the Pleasant Street Cemetery.

Children of Jonathan and Lydia (Leonard) Hall (all births recorded in Raynham and children baptized at the Raynham Congregational Church):

  1. Jonathan5 Hall, born September 26, 1739, died November 22, 1739.
  2. Seth5 Hall, born October 4, 1740, baptized November 7, 1740, married March 23, 1769 to Diadamia Leach, daughter of Benjamin Leach, Jr. and Hannah Keith, died February 12, 1824, age 83 years, at Westmoreland, Cheshire, New Hampshire. Diadamia died April 30, 1842 at Westmoreland.
  3. Silas5 Hall, born Friday, February 4, 1743 (year determined by day of birth using Julian Calendar), baptized March 20, 1743, married the widow Eunice Titus on April 4, 1774 in Salisbury, Litchfield, Connecticut, died after 1820 at Danby, Tompkins County, New York.  Silas will be addressed fully in Generation 5.
  4. Prudence5 Hall, born Wednesday, March 20, 1745 (year determined by day of birth using Julian Calendar), baptized April 21, 1745, died June 21, 1752, age 7 years, buried in the town cemetery at Raynham Center.
  5. Lydia5 Hall, born October 21, 1747. She was called Lydia Richmond in her father’s Will, written in 1788. Nothing further is known about Lydia or her husband.
  6. Jemima5 Hall, born August 14, 1750, baptized September 23, 1750, married Nathaniel Williams, son of Nathaniel and Mary (Atherton) Williams, on August 24, 1769 and removed to Spencer, Worcester, Massachusetts, where she died on May 20, 1824, age 73 years.
  7. Jonathan5 Hall, born June 10, 1753, baptized July 29, 1753, died January 3, 1792, age 38 years.  A deed identifies Jonathan’s wife as being named Sarah.  He is probably the Jonathan Hall on the 1790 census for Raynham with seven family members, including himself and his wife.  Nothing further is known about Jonathan.
  8. Hezekiah5 Hall, born November 12, 1755, baptized January 18, 1756, married Sarah Carver, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Holmes) Carver, about 1776.  Sarah died February 18, 1800 at Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts and she is buried in the Old Grave Yard at Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  A death date and place has not yet been identified for Hezekiah.
  9. Obed5 Hall, born December 23, 1757, baptized February 26, 1758, married first Abigail Dean, probably the daughter of Josiah and Jane (Washburn) Dean, whose first born daughter was Abigail, born September 21, 1740 (First Book of Raynham Records). They had no children. Obed and Abigail removed to Bartlett, New Hampshire where Abigail died November 10, 1804, aged 64 years, at Bartlett, Carroll (then Coos) County, New Hampshire. Abigail is buried in the Garland Ridge Cemetery in Bartlett.  Obed married second Eliza Fox, June 11, 1805 in Lee, Strafford County, New Hampshire.  Obed died on April 25, 1828 (NARA Pension Papers) at Bartlett, New Hampshire and was buried in the Garland Ridge Cemetery; reinterment in Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine.  Biographical Directory of the United States Congress has Obed’s death month and day as April 1, however, NARA Pension papers have his death day as April 25, which agrees with the inscription on his original headstone found in the Garland Ridge Cemetery. After Obed’s death, Eliza married Richard Odell, in November 1832,  and removed to Portland, Cumberland, Maine.
  10. Ebenezer5 Hall, born December 25, 1759, baptized May(?) 25, 1760, removed to New Hampshire where he married Lydia Dinsmore, daughter of Elijah and Sarah Glazier (Willey) Dinsmore, on October 23, 1793 at Conway, Carroll (then Grafton) County, New Hampshire. They resided in Bartlett, New Hampshire where Ebenezer died on November 18, 1834.  He is buried in the Garland Ridge Cemetery in Bartlett, Carroll County, New Hampshire.  The death date of Lydia is unknown but believed to have been sometime after November 1850.  Her headstone has not been found.
  11. Abigail5 Hall, born June 6, 1762, died April 8, 1765, at the age of 3 years. She is buried in the town cemetery at Raynham Center.

Not quite a year after Lydia’s death, Jonathan married Hannah (Keith) Hall, the widow of Philip Hall (of the George Hall of Taunton Halls) on April 26, 1764 (First Book of Raynham Records, Congregational Church Records).  At that time, Jonathan had seven children under the age of 20 years.  Jonathan and Hannah had one child:

  1. Linus5 Hall, born May 17, 1765, baptized September 15, 1765, married Celia Shaw, daughter of Joseph and Mary Shaw, on March 23, 1786 (Raynham Congregational Church Records).  At some point they removed to Bartlett, New Hampshire where brothers Obed and Ebenezer resided.  Linus died some time after the 1850 census was taken in November 1850 and although his headstone has not been found, there is room for a burial next to his wife, Celia, in the Garland Ridge Cemetery.  Celia died at Bartlett, New Hampshire on September 15, 1840.

Jonathan4 wrote his Last Will and Testament on February 21, 1788 and he died on February 25, 1789, age 72 years. Burial was in the Hall Plot at the Town Cemetery at Raynham Center, now Pleasant Street Cemetery.

Photo courtesy of Brady Fitts

After Jonathan’s death, Hannah Hall married as her 4th husband, Israel Washburn, son of Israel and Waitstill (Sumner) Washburn.  She died on January 4, 1796 and is buried in the Pleasant Street Cemetery, Raynham Center, Massachusetts.

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