4 Hall Cousins

Sarah Ockington (1691-1726), Sarah Smith (1691-1753), wives of Jonathan3 Hall, Sr.

As with the previous posts on Esther Hall, wife of Edward Hall of Rehoboth, and Abigail Pratt, wife of Samuel Hall, there is, again,  very little to tell about Sarah Ockington and Sarah Smith, wives of Jonathan Hall, Sr.  It is truly regrettable that so little can be discovered about our early female ancestors. It would so enrich our ancestral history to know something about them but the lack of written documentation on the wives is, well, just history.

Jonathan’s first wife, Sarah Ockington, was born in Dedham, Massachusetts Bay Colony, on August 28, 1691 (Vital Records of Dedham, Mass. 1635-1845, Revised and Expanded Edition, compiled by Robert Brand Hanson, Picton Press, Camden, Maine, 1997), to Thomas Ockington and Rebecca Mason. The original Dedham Vital Records have her as having been born in 1690 but I prefer to use the revised edition of the Dedham vital records as my primary source.

There is no record of the marriage date, or place, of Jonathan and Sarah, so an approximate year of 1714 is used. It is likely that they were married in Dedham. According to the First Book of Raynham Records, their first child, Jonathan Jr. was born in May of 1716 and their sixth child, Mason, in January of 1725/26. If Mason’s birth year was actually 1726, perhaps there were medical issues with the birth that caused Sarah to die three months later on March 28, 1726, at the age of 35 years, five months short of her 36th birthday. Sarah is buried next to her husband, Jonathan, in one of the several Hall plots in the Pleasant Street Cemetery in Raynham Center, MA.

Headstone photo courtesy of Brady Fitts

A year after the death of his first wife, Sarah Ockington, Jonathan married second, Sarah Smith, born August 7, 1691 in Dedham, Massachusetts Bay Colony to Asahel and Elizabeth Smith. Their April 11, 1727 marriage in Dedham, MA is recorded in the revised Dedham Vital Records (see cite above). Sarah was the mother of two children, Elizabeth Hall, born 1728 and Hannah Hall, born in 1734.

Sarah (Smith) Hall was one of the original members of the First Congregational Church in Raynham, and her death is recorded in the Raynham Church Records as having occurred on July 15, 1753. Her headstone has not yet been located, though it is likely that she is buried in the Hall plot in the Pleasant Street Cemetery in Raynham Center, Massachusetts.

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