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Last Will and Testament of Jonathan Hall, Sr.

Note: The original will becomes difficult to read toward the end. Therefore, at some point in the transcription below, the language will change to a summary of what can be read. In addition, I have placed in italic type the interesting and/or unusual names that identify specific tracts of land such as Old Coleing, Mount Misery, Hammer Beam, Great Tearall, etc.

Bristol County Massachusetts Probate, Book 12

In the name of God Amen, I Jonathan Hall, the Eldest of that name in Raynham in Bristol County in New England being in the Sixtieth year of my age and at this time in reasonable good health and of sound mind and memory, Blessed be God for it, I do make this my Last Will and Testament as followeth,

First I give and bequeath my Soul to God that gave me it and Redeemed it by the blood of his Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Secondly I give and bequeath my body to the grave to be Decently buried by my Executor herein after named in hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection, and as to my outward and worldly Estate I give and dispose of it as followeth:

Firstly I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Hall after my Honest Debts and funeral charges are paid the life use and benefit of my now dwelling house and barn as also the use and Improvement of all my land Adjoining to my said house and barn, as also the use and Improvement of my New Lot Joyning to the way that Leads from the Country Rhode to Elnathan Joneses land and also one third part of my orchard together with four acres of Improved Land that ___ there to Adjoining, as also all my Land at a place Called the Hammer Beam Except what I have already given to my Son Jonathan Hall by Deed and one acre more at the westward end of my Land there at the Corner in Joseph Joneses Line Adjoining to Deacon Shaw’s Land where my Son Jonathan Hall has lately set some apple trees. Excepting also one acre of land in the Hammer Beam Neck next to the Land of Timothy Jones, being all that is in said neck which my Son Jonathan Hall now Improves there. I also give him the Improvement of five acres of Land at the old Coleing ___ be it more or less, Bounded Adjoining on the north by Land of my son Jonathan Hall and westward and Southward to the Highway that Lyeth between My Land and the Land of Samuel Leonard Esqr. And it is also bounded on the East from a stake which stands in the Line of my Son Jonathan Hall’s Land by two white oak trees marked with the Surveyor’s mark south thirty five degrees and an half West to a stake in the aforesaid Highway for a Corner(?) with the privilege of all the wood and Timber upon this last mentioned Land and also ___ fire wood for her own fire on any of my Lands if she Doth Stand in need of it and also ___ fencing ___ to fence these above Described Lands if she doth stand in need of it, and also Liberty to pasture one horse and three cows and one young beef if she ___ Cause in that which is now my pasture at Great Tareall. The sd particulars I do give to My said wife during her Natural Life and the Continuing my Widow. And I do give and bequeath to my Said wife and her heirs and Assigns forever all the goods and Household stuff which she brought with her when I married her together with three good cows and a horse and one young Beef out of My stock such as She shall Chuse to be to her disposing as above said, if any remain thereof after her Decease my will is that it Descend to my two daughters, Namely Elizabeth the Wife of Nathaniel Shaw and Hannah Hall or to their Legal Representatives. Also my ___ in Raynham __ing house I give that to my said wife and to my two daughters above named.

Secondly, I give and Bequeath to my Son Jonathan Hall and to his heirs and Assigns forever a tract of Land at the old Coleing Bounded on the North by the land of Timothy Jones partly and partly by his own land, westerly by the line of land there which I have here in given the Improvements of to my wife, which is a dividing line between what I have given to my said wife as aforesaid, and what I give to him, and southerly by the highway that Lyeth betwixt this tract of land and the Land of Samuel Leonard Esqr and Easterly by a Dividing Betwixt this tract and what I shall give to my Son Amos Hall hereafter mentioned which begineth at a red oak tree in the line of Timothy Jones & land Ranging __ thence south one degree Eastward to a Horn Pine tree marked. Ranging ___ south ten degrees Eastward to a stake by the above mentioned tree(?), it being a ___. I also give to my son Jonathan Hall two pieces of land at the Hammer Beam, one is one acre of Land at the westward corner of my land there Joyning to the land of Joseph Jones and the land of Deacon Shaw where my Son Jonathan has already set some apple trees. The other is in the Hammer Beam Neck Joyning to the land of Timothy Jones Containing one acre be it more or less. And also the northwardly.

I give and Bequeath to my Son Amos Hall my tract of land at Mount Misery Containing Sixty Acres, be it more or Less, Except the Improvement of my new field which I have herein before given the Improvement to my wife During her Natural Life ___ Continuing my widow. And also a tract of Land at the Eastwardly of my ___ at the Old Coleing Containing Nine Acres be it more or less Bounded on the __ by a Line of Land before mentioned which I have given to my Son Jonathan Hall and northwardly partly by the Land of Timothy Jones & partly by the Land ___ Jones and Eastwardly by the Land of Samuel Leonard Esqr and Southerly by the way that Lyeth between this Land and the Land of said Samuel Leonard. I do give unto my Son Amos Hall my Home Lott Lying Southerly from the new burying place Bounded Norther by a Line before mentioned of the northerly part of the Lot given to my Son Jonathan Hall & to all my land southerly…

continuing in summary form….

Improvement to Lot given to his wife after her death or marriage, the dwelling house and the land adjoined thereto, as well as his new field and one-sixth of his right in the undivided lands in Taunton Old Township are given to his Son, Amos Hall.

To his Son Mason Hall, his pasture land at Great Tearall so called and also the tract of Land in Raynham near Bridgewater line at Titticut plain and all land adjoining thereto called Fifty acres more or less, also one quarter part of his right to the undivided Land in Taunton Old Township. Mason Hall to pay to Jonathan’s daughter Hannah Hall, within two years of his death, the sum of Five Pounds.

To his daughters, Elizabeth, wife of Nathaniel Shaw and Hannah Hall, all money that he might have and all his moveables both within doors and out not already disposed of except his wearing apparel that he gives to his Sons Jonathan Hall, Amos Hall and Mason Hall.

Nominated and appointed his Son Jonathan Hall and his son in-law, Nathaniel Shaw to be joint executors.

In witness that this is my Last Will and Testament I do here unto set my hand and seal this tenth day of February in the year of our Lord Christ 1745/6.

Signed Jonathan Hall

Witnessed by
Nathaniel Shaw
George Leonard
Nathan Leonard
Samuel Leonard

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