4 Hall Cousins

Abigail Pratt, 1665-1734

Abigail Pratt, wife of Samuel2 Hall, was born June 16, 1665 in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts to Jonathan Pratt and Abigail Wood. Abigail was the eldest of seven children, having four younger sisters, Bathsheba, Hannah, Meletiah, and Bethiah, and two brothers, Jonathan and Jabez (Plymouth Colony Records 8:32,35).

Jonathan Pratt was the son of Joshua Pratt, the immigrant ancestor, who came to the Colony on either the Ann(e) or the Little James in 1623. In 1667 Jonathan was in Eastham, and in 1673 in Plymouth. After his wife, Abigail’s death in Plymouth in 1684, he removed to Taunton where he married abt. 1690, Elizabeth (White) Hall, daughter of Nicholas White, and the widow of Samuel Hall, son of George Hall of Taunton (the other, unrelated, Hall family); for those interested in the George Hall of Taunton family, please see Kathryn Hall’s Halls of Bristol County).

Abigail married Samuel Hall on January 3, 1683, a few months short of her eighteenth birthday and had her first known child, Jonathan3 Hall, in 1686, when she was 21 years of age. Abigail was 51 years old when her husband, Samuel, died in 1716. She is found on an Assessment List for Raynham, circa 1731/2 (Raynham Town Records), assessed 15 shillings. She was listed as Abigail Hall, Widow.

Ebenezer Pratt and Elizabeth Pratt, both minors at the time, were named in her husband, Samuel Hall’s Will. There is no documentation as to who the Pratt children were, but it is believed that they were the children of Abigail’s brother, Jabez (a witness to Samuel Hall’s will) and his wife, Elizabeth Cobb, thereby being Abigail’s nephew and niece. Ebenezer was to receive 20 acres of land if he were to live with Abigail until he reached 21 years of age. A deed written March 11, 1726/27 shows that Ebenezer Pratt was deceased by that date as in the deed, Samuel Hall, son of Samuel Hall, deeds to his daughter, Hannah Hall, “all my part in the twenty acres of land that my Honoured father did in his last will give to Ebenezer Pratt deceased…”.

Elizabeth Pratt is thought to have married Joseph Jones, son of Joseph Jones and Lydia Neale (Jones Genealogy) abt. 1723. Her first born son was named Ebenezer, possibly being named after her deceased brother. In 1729/30 Samuel Hall, son of Samuel, sells his portion of land that had been willed jointly to him and his brother Jonathan, by their father, to his brother Jonathan and Joseph Jones Second, possibly documenting a familial relationship of the Halls to the Jones family through Elizabeth Pratt.

Abigail lived for 18 years after her husband’s death. She remained a widow and died in Raynham on July 6, 1734 (First Book of Raynham Records). She must certainly be buried next to her husband, however, her headstone has not been found in the Town Cemetery in Raynham Center, Massachusetts (Pleasant Street Cemetery).

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