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Edward Hall, 1611-1670: Family and Later Years

We know that Edward was named a Supervisor of the Highways in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony, in June 1647.  There are no further records to be found until the birth of his son, John, in 1650, as written in the Braintree vital records.

Edward met and married Esther or Hester (herein after referred to as Esther) probably by 1649, but where?  Who was Esther Hall?  Braintree was part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and from what little written information there is on old Braintree, once settled it was a closed settlement. Because of this I assume that Edward had to have been invited into the town.  There are no records of him owning land there so he likely lived with a family already established in the settlement.  Was this Esther’s family?  Edward and Esther’s first two children were born in Braintree, Massachusetts Bay Colony; the remaining known 6 children were born in Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, as recorded in the Rehoboth vital records.  Edward would have been 39 years old when his first child was born in 1650/51.

  • John, born January 23, 1650/51, Braintree (July 5, 2018, please note: the birth date of John Hall has been changed to reflect the correct birth information that has now been obtained from the original records of Braintree. The Julian calendar was in use in 1650 and the 11th month would be January, not November. Therefore, his “genealogically correct” birth date would be 23 Jan 1650/51. That record can be viewed here; married Mary Newell, died September 1721 in Rehoboth.
  • Hester (Esther), born October 23, 1654, Braintree, *may have* married John Kenrick about 1672 or she *may have*  married Thomas Jordan in Rehoboth in 1674. We just haven’t been able to find any documented proof and there is some speculation that it was the Widow Hall who married Thomas Jordan (Jordaine) instead.  Her marriage, therefore, is a work in progress.
  • Samuel, born October 24, 1656, Rehoboth; married Abigail Pratt, died August 30, 1716 in  Taunton.
  • Jeremiah, born July 28, 1658, Rehoboth; died before May 1715.
  • Thomas, born March 31, 1661, Rehoboth; married Abigail Martin, died April 29, 1717 in Dedham.
  • Preserved, born March 20, 1663, Rehoboth; married widows Lydia (Jackson) Leavitt and Hannah (Damon) May; died August 5, 1740, in Hingham.
  • Andrew, born May 10, 1665, Rehoboth; married first, Susanna Capen; second, Mary Bennett, died December 1756 in Newton.
  • Benjamin, born August 7, 1668, Rehoboth; married Sarah Fisher, died August 25, 1726, in Wrentham.

We need to wrap up some unfinished business for Edward Hall as noted in the Plymouth Colony Records before moving on to records for Braintree and Rehoboth:

  • March 2, 1651, at the General Court at New Plymouth, Steven and Abigail Bryant complained against John Haward, Edward Hall, and Susanna Haward of Duxborrow in an action of slander and defamation to the damage of 500 pounds. The jury found for the plaintiffs damage of 5 pounds equally and jointly (PCR 7:57).
  • Circa 1651 there is a subsequent entry to the description of the land of Mr. John Alden describing the boundary:  The bounds of a parcel of marsh meadow, bought of Edward Hall in the year 1651, which meadow was primarily Mr. William Collyiars (sic), and by him given to Mr. Constant Southworth, and by him sold to Edward Hall, aforsaid, and bought by me, John Alden and is as followeth: viz: layed out at the first for five acres, and bounded with a creek, commonly called and known by the name Indian Creek; and from thence to run to the meadow land of Philip Delano, deceased; and so it runs on the northerly side as the river runs to the Mill Creek (PCR 1:71).
  • October 7, 1651, Edward Hall(e) was presented by the General Enquest for felling of timber and selling of it out of the colony, which timber is on the town commons; Released and aquite (PCR 2:174.

The only record found in Braintree mentioning Edward Hall is published in the Massachusetts Colony Records, vol. 3, pages 309-310 and vol. 4, part 1, page 145.  These entries have to do with the law case of Wilson v. Faxon in which the widow Wilson brought suit against Thomas Faxon concerning her son, Joseph Wilson.  In these records, No. 188, 8th paper, states that Edward Hall was deposed in this case, dated March 10, 1652 (NEHGR 62:93-94).

Edward and Esther spent a brief time in Braintree, Massachusetts Bay Colony, approximately 5 years, 1650-1655.  By October 1656, when their son, Samuel, was born, Edward and Esther are back in the Plymouth Colony at Rehoboth, where Edward remained for the rest of his life.

  • 1658, Edward Hall appears on the list of those who took the Oath of Fidelity at Rehoboth (PCR 8:178)
  • June 22, 1658, Edward Hall was No. 41 out of 49 persons who drew in order of the settlers estates for meadow lands which lie on the north side of the town, at town meeting of Rehoboth (Rehoboth Vital Records).
  • August 3, 1665, Edward Hall conveys 10 acres of land lying at Namassakeesit, given to him by the town, to Robert Barker who hath now peaceably enjoyed the same space for 17 years, with all the appurtenances (Old Records, town of Duxbury, p. 19).
  • May 26, 1668, Lots drawn for meadow lands in the North Purchase, now Attleboro, Cumberland, R.I., and parts of Norton and Mansfield (Rehoboth Vital Records).

It’s likely that the above lot drawn in 1668 was for 50 acres, as Edward gave to his son, John, by will, 40 acres in the North Purchase, with the remainder to his wife, Esther.  A Sketch of the History of Attleborough, p. 99, called it 50 acres at “the Falls” Attleborough, as given to his son, John, by will.

Edward Hall’s will was written November 23, 1670.

Will of Edward Hall of Rehoboth

Be it knowne to all men of these presents that I Edward Hall of Rehoboth in the colonie of Plymouth in New England: being in my fresh memory, do ordaine and make this my last Will and Testament.

Item. I give to my son John forty acres as upon my share of land on the North Purchase; which is to be his full Share of land:

Item. I give my house orchyard Garden Barne homlott and all my other lands and meddowes in the Town of Rehoboth or on the North Purchase or elsewhere as alsoe my household Goods Cattle or Chattles whatsoever I have or did enjoy or posess; unto my beloved wife Ester; whom I ordaine and make my sole exequitrix: That is to pay all my debts; To Improve for to bring up my Children; and to dispose of it unto them according to her wisdome; but if my wife should Marry then she shall have the third of my land; and the other two thirds shall be divided as above said. This is my last will and Testament; With my hand

Edward Hall (his mark)

In the presence of John Meller Senior, John Peck

John Meller Senior hath attested the truth of this will upon oath before me Henery Smith July 4th 1671.

(Plymouth Colony Records, Wills, Volume 3, Part 1, Page 36)

Edward Hall died on November 27, 1670 (Rehoboth Vital Records).  He would have been 59 years of age.  The inventory of his estate was made March 6, 1671 and presented to the Court held at Plymouth on October 29, 1671, valued at £ 84.   It is said that he is buried in an unmarked grave in the Newman Cemetery, Rumford, Providence, Rhode Island (once a part of Rehoboth).

At the time of Edward’s death, his first born child, John, would have been 20 years old.  The remaining 7 children would have ranged in ages from 16 years down to 2 years old.  Quite a responsibility for a presumably young widow and for her oldest son, John, who had not yet himself reached legal age.

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  1. C Hall Post author


    Welcome! We are so glad that you have found us, and thank you so much for your kind comments. We really enjoy working on the narrative of this family. We don’t have a lot on Edward’s son, Benjamin and his family, however if you are interested in viewing what we do have in the genealogy database, we invite you to register as a user on the web site: 4hallcousins.com and we would always be happy to add to the database any additional information you would care to share.

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  2. April

    Edward Hall is my 10 great grandfather on my mother’s side. Her maiden name was Good. Thank you for all the information.

  3. Faye

    Edward is my 7th Great Grandfather on both my parents side. My grandfathers were brothers who descended thru this line and my parents were first cousins.

    Thanks so much for this info. I am from N.C.

  4. C Hall Post author

    You’re welcome! We’ve had fun putting this blog together and especially finding as much information on Edward as possible. Even though it is taking longer to add posts, we will continue working down through the lines and hopefully add other additional information as we go along. Thanks very much for visiting the blog, and we hope that you will visit again!

  5. RandyH

    Edward Hall is my 8th Great Grandfather.
    I descend from his 5th child Thomas Hall 1661-1727

    What a great Web site.

  6. C Hall Post author

    Thank you! I am glad that you found our blog and hopefully some useful information. We’d love to hear more about your ancestry back to Edward. We are always looking to fill in the blanks on all of Edward’s children.

  7. David Hall

    This site is a great find! Seems you guys have really done your research! Thanks so much for posting all of this as I have been wanting to do a similar project. I am a direct descendant of Edward Hall, who is my 9th great grandfather, by way of his son, Benjamin.

  8. David Hall

    Do you happen to have any info on a Christopher Hall (1648-1672)? Several ancestry.com family trees list him as being the first born son of John and Esther, but I am not convinced there is any connection and believe that all other records indicate that John was his first son.

  9. C Hall Post author


    Thank you! I am so glad that you have found our blog and hopefully a lot of new information. We’ve enjoyed the research that has gone into presenting the information here and our goal with this blog is to present as much documented information as possible as well as to gain new information on both direct and indirect lines from the new cousins that we meet here.

    As for Christopher Hall, we’ve also seen those same family trees but we have not found any evidence to support that he is of the Edward Hall family.

  10. R Warfel

    Any idea as to whether the Rehoboth Halls are related to the Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts Halls in the 1600s with the names (from oldest to youngest) Richard, Joseph, Ebenezer and then Obadiah (who was then in NH in the mid late 1700s?

  11. C Hall Post author

    Thank you for visiting the 4 Hall Cousins blog. No, we have never made a connection between the Rehoboth and Bradford Hall families. Good luck with your research.

  12. Lara Blair


    Love this blog! I have this memory of reading something about Edward Hall fighting the Naragensetts, but King Philips War (I think) started after he passed. Did I read this here somewhere? Do you know anything about this?

  13. Stephanie Kane

    Edward is my 7th Great Grandfather, from his son Andrew. From there, another Andrew, 2 Edwards, Henry and Richard C.
    Do you know who Edward’s father was and when he came to the Colonies? I see Plymouth above, was he on the Mayflower?
    Thank you!!

  14. C Hall Post author


    Thank you! I am pleased that you enjoy visiting the blog. I only wish I had more time to keep it actively growing :-).

    You caught me cold with your comment about Edward, not remembering which son of his fought in the King Phillip’s war, so I had to look it up! It was Edward’s son, John who married Mary Newell of Roxbury, MA. According to Hall’s of New England (page 528) John was a solider in King Phillip’s War and was in the swamp fight in 1675 as well as a part of the Narragansett expedition in 1689.

  15. C Hall Post author

    Welcome, Stephanie. Thank you visiting our blog. Edward did not come over on the Mayflower. The first known record for Edward is October 2, 1637, when he was granted 10 acres in Duxborrow. We’ve never been able to identify what ship he did arrive on. His father is Francis Hall, not certain when Francis was born but his burial date was 8 December 1620. He and his wife Margaret had 2 other sons besides Edward, John and Thomas.

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